Vacuum Driers

Vacuum drying is ideal for materials that would be damaged or changed if exposed to high temperatures. The vacuum removes moisture while preventing the oxidation or explosion that can occur when certain materials combine with air.


Vacuum reduces thermal stress and sustains better color and texture of dried products compared to those that were air-dried.


Unlike atmospheric drying, drying under reduced pressure lowers the boiling point and provides a greater temperature difference between the heating medium and product. This results in faster drying and more efficient heat recovery.


Since drying occurs in a closed system, hazardous materials and fumes are not released into the air. The potential for explosion is reduced because of the lower temperature and the lack of dust and air in the dryer.


Salient features

  • :: Drying is done faster resulting efficient heat recovery
  • :: Saves time
  • :: Texture and color is almost retained
  • :: Reliable
  • :: Energy efficient